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- Anatole France

We LOVE animals!  A LOT!  So much so that we have six dogs ourselves - three rescue Siberian Huskies and three Chow Chows.

We actively support several animal rescue and charity organisations including a Husky rescue team in the UK called

HEART Welfare (our Huskies are all adopted from them so they are very close to our hearts indeed!), an organisation that looks after, rescues and provides emergency veterinary support for the extremely deprived rural animals near Harare in Zimbabwe (this is run by the family of one of our makeup artists here at Broadway Studios so you may well meet her during your experience at the studio) and the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon.

We donate £2 for every client who attends one of our photo shoot experiences.

You can make a donation yourself using the "Donate" button below..... And any donations you make here will be added to the monthly support we give and will be split between the three equally.  We will match any donations received – so if you give £20 we will double it to £40 (up to a maximum of £250 per donation).  It’s a bit like our ‘Double Money’ promotion, but with the proceeds going directly to help the animals in need.

If you'd prefer to make a donation to one of the three organisations directly, then there are donation buttons on each of their websites.

HEART Welfare

HEART Welfare is a Siberian Husky rescue and re-homing organisation and they are dealing with an ever increasing number of huskies in need of care and / or re-homing.  We have three of their Huskies, including "Miracle Max", and you will see his story on their homepage.

Rural Animal Care

Rural Animal Care is a family run operation who are absolutely devoted to helping the often undernourished or homeless animal population in Zimbabwe, as well as assisting the local people who love their animals in better being able to look after them with usually very limited resources. The funds we send them go towards veterinary emergencies as well as regular spaying and neutering in order to keep the dog population under control, as well as enabling them to provide mass vaccinations for the killer diseases as rabies and distemper.

Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary do absolutely amazing work on behalf of the world-wide donkey population, many of whom are extremely poorly treated in countries where they are used for heavy workloads. You can “adopt” a donkey from £3 per month, but the cost to look after each donkey is around £4,000 per year!

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